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Positive Behavior Support Program

Thomas Hooker School has implemented a schoolwide Positive Behavior Support Program (PBS) to provide opportunities for all students to achieve social and academic success. Part of this process includes teaching specific behavioral expectations to our students. Students are shown how to behave appropriately in all school settings, such as in the classroom, cafeteria, hallway, playground and bus. Students are expected to demonstrate their "Husky PRIDE" by showing respect for themselves, others and our school. The "Husky" is our mascot and PRIDE is an acronym that stands for -








edication, and



The approach to managing behaviors is a positive one. On a weekly basis, students are selected from every classroom to be that classroom's "Top Dog" based on their noteworthy behavior. Students receive a Husky sticker, have their name announced on the intercom, and displayed on the office door. Each month, one student from each classroom is chosen as the "Heart of Thomas Hooker" for displaying outstanding effort and behavior. These students have their photograph taken and displayed on the bulletin board and their names announced over the intercom. Bus students are recognized on a regular basis for demonstration appropriate behavior on the bus. When students are having difficulty understanding the appropriate behavior in a specific setting, teachers reteach the expected behavior to them.

Thomas Hooker School provides regular updates to parents throughout the year on the implementation of the PBS approach. Please speak to your child regarding the importance of demonstrating "Husky PRIDE" every day.

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